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The Features

Adaptive Infographic Templates

are templates that build themselves automatically, adapting to your data. This is error-proof infographic design at work.

Automatic icon to word matching

works to convert your words into their visual equivalent. The more you use Adioma, the better it knows what you mean - it is AI in the making.

The Largest Icon Collection

is universal symbols created in a single graphic style, comprising a visual language. It covers everything from daily life to science.

Easy Export

download or publish your infographics with one click, either in vector or raster format.

One-click color schemes

automatic infographic color schemes take care of readability and color harmony.

Easy Template Switching

no need to re-enter your data, no need to drag and drop elements in your infographic.

Infographic Templates to Get You Started Faster

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definitions and acronyms

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Universal Icons

One of the biggest problems of infographic generators is that they often do not have icons that cover specialized topics in science and technology. We focused on covering as many words as possible and created the largest icon set in a single graphic style. This allows you to use as many icons as you want without creating visual dissonance.

The graphic style we use comes from the universal symbols collection. This particular style often used in traffic signs and public places allows you to communicate across cultures, generations, and time. This style is timeless, and so is your infographic with it. Today we are the only infographic maker with standardized icons.

Infographic Templates

Our infographic templates are adaptive so you do not have to worry about layouting. Even if you want to visualize 100 data points, we build the layout for you instantly. The layouts scale automatically.

As designers, we know that layout is something that you want to be done on its own so you can focus on the meaning of your infographic. Our infographic generator can create endlessly long infographics - so if you want to write the world’s longest visual story, you can.

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  • Very cool visual infographic tool!

    Kathy Schrock
  • Super simple to use, nice, minimal interface. Creating an infographic with Adioma is very fast.

    Tatiana Bastos
  • In a very short time, creates an elegant and practical infographic

    Juan Diego Polo
  • This is a great tool that allows you to type in bullet points or short sentences and quickly create an infographic. The site suggests images to match up to your text and you can change them and change designs. Fantastic!

    Nik Peachey
  • Adioma is awesome! We use it for our infographics on Facebook.

    Riccardo Genova

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