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Infographic Maker

to speed up the design process
Search icons by keywords or visually
Use templates to re-layout data in different ways
Change colors and add illustrations
Embed and publish clickable infographics on your website
Store infographics privately in your gallery

Infographic Maker

to speed up the design process

Infographic Examples

company story

terms & acronyms

timeline of events

personal resume

side by side comparison

necessities list


advice and insights

parallel events

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Universal Icons

Large icon set in a single graphic style.
One of the biggest problems of infographic generators is that they often do not have icons that cover specialized topics in science and technology. We focused on covering as many words as possible and created the largest icon set in a single graphic style. This allows you to use as many icons as you want without creating visual dissonance

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Reviews of Adioma

  • Very cool visual infographic tool!

    Kathy Schrock
  • Super simple to use, nice, minimal interface. Creating an infographic with Adioma is very fast.

    Tatiana Bastos
  • In a very short time, creates an elegant and practical infographic

    Juan Diego Polo
  • This is a great tool that allows you to type in bullet points or short sentences and quickly create an infographic. The site suggests images to match up to your text and you can change them and change designs. Fantastic!

    Nik Peachey
  • Adioma is awesome! We use it for our infographics on Facebook.

    Riccardo Genova