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Over 13,400 People Use Adioma To Grow Their Audience

  • Very cool visual infographic tool!

    Kathy Schrock
  • Super simple to use, nice, minimal interface. Creating an infographic with Adioma is very fast.

    Tatiana Bastos
  • In a very short time, creates an elegant and practical infographic

    Juan Diego Polo
  • This is a great tool that allows you to type in bullet points or short sentences and quickly create an infographic. The site suggests images to match up to your text and you can change them and change designs. Fantastic!

    Nik Peachey
  • Adioma is awesome! We use it for our infographics on Facebook.

    Riccardo Genova

Frequently Asked Questions

If I cancel my subscription, can I still access my infographics?

Yes, the infographics you create during your trial and your subscription period are yours forever. We will store them for you in your dashboard. You can download them as many times as you would like. To modify your infographics you will need a current subscription.

If I cancel my subscription, is my account deleted?

If you cancel your subscription, your account will be converted to a free account with limited features. If you choose to subscribe again in the future, you can resume editing your infographics. We will store them for you.

Can I change plans, or cancel later on?

Yes, or course. You can downgrade, upgrade, or cancel any time from your account by clicking “Edit/Cancel my subscription” in your account menu?

Do you offer free trials?

Right now we do not offer free trial accounts, but we do offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all plans. If you are not satisfied for any reason, email, and we will take care of you right away.

Is there any limit on how many times I can download my infographics?

No. You can download them an unlimited number of times.

Are there any hidden charges or just the subscription fee?

Once you pay for the subscription, there are no more charges. You have access to everything under your subscription, no additional fees.

Is there any commitment or can I subscribe for a month only?

There is no commitment or contract - you only pay for one month at a time, that’s it. If you want to cancel and come back later, you can.

What can I do with the vector SVG downloads offered with the business plan?

You get the actual source file that you own. You can edit it in any way, add illustrations, customize, etc. You can open these files in Adobe Illustrator or InkScape.

What can I do with PPT and PDF downloads, offered with expert and business?

PDF is a vector file format that is easy to print. You can also annotate your graphics, using simple shapes in most PDF viewers. PPT is an editable presentation format that allows to organize graphics into multy-page document, move and color individial icon, and add basic animaton. You can open .ppt files in PowerPoint, Keynote or Libre Office Impress, a free open-source presentation tool.

How can I get your infographic video course?

Our video course "How To Design Infographics" comes for free with annual expert and business subscriptions. To enroll into the course, email us at with your order number or email used to signed up.

Still have questions?

Talk to us or read the help section. Email or
call (415) 335-6466 from 9am to 7pm PST.