Infographic Presentation Slides

For PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides

The infographic designers at Adioma took the best infographics they created for companies like Google, Cisco, and WorldBank and made fully editable slides that you can use on your next presentation. You get the slides for free.

Slides Include

Charts and Diagrams

Based on visual language with icons

Light And Dark Themes

Easily customizable colors

Multiple formats

PPT, Keynote, Google Slides


focal point images

Presentation Slide Color Palettes

Any good presentation should come in two color schemes - light and dark. Use light slides for the situation when the room is well lit and dark for when the lights are off. The reason is that the light-colored slides will tire your audience’s eye because they reflect too much light. The darker color palette looks too dark when you look at it in the light, but turn the lights off and it becomes comfortable.

So choose your colors based on the lighting in the room. And if you plan on turn the lights on and off - then you can mix up your slides from both decks.

Presentation Slide Templates Types

The presentation includes these types of storytelling templates templates

  • Side by side comparison
  • Tree
  • Timeline
  • Wheel and cycle
  • And multi-level tree

All these you can edit in Adioma, if you need or directly in Powerpoint or Keynote. There are also a number of numeric data templates. which you can edit in Powerpoint but not in Adioma.

Icons for Presentations

In every slide, we used our professionally designed icons from Adioma. Inside Adioma you can search them by keywords and even through visual search which helps you find similar looking icons with different meanings.

All of Adioma icons are designed in a consistent graphic style.

Need more icons and templates? Get them on Adioma